Collaborating with local vendors through responsive guidance and stability.

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Partnering with CST

As a vendor within our network, you will have access to the largest base of routes featuring schools within your region. We look to provide stability for communities all over the country and know that this can only be achieved through our collaboration together. Whether you’re an industry expert with a fleet of a couple hundred or you’re just getting started because you have a heart for this work, we have opportunities for you.

Supporting your team

Our team of transportation experts wants to help you run a successful student serving organization by allowing you to focus on the day to day operation. Our team actively works with schools each day to route, communicate and plan so that you have the most accurate route copies delivered timely. We handle all of the call volumes throughout the day from schools and families so that you can focus on providing safe and reliable service.


Vendor Benefits

Route volume consistency

  • Access to the largest base of student transportation routes.
  • Routing requests are processed within 2-3 school days depending on the request.
  • Assure maximum efficiencies for routes as students are requested by our partners.

Customer Service

  • Customer Service Professionals available to support school officials and families as needed.
  • Web-based phone system to quickly manage calls from anywhere.
  • Mass messaging capability to notify families of new bus information, time changes and emergency communication within seconds.

Safety and Compliance Guidance

  • Annual evaluations through an on-site visit and inspection of all data, vehicles and personnel.
  • Work with your team to ensure compliance with all state and federal regulations.
  • Assistance with Insurance Verification.
  • Assistance with GPS / Camera verification.
  • No ride reporting to ensure routes are up to date and avoid unnecessary stops and wait times.
  • Daily correspondence to ensure compliance with CST policies and expectations.
  • Proactively sending route copies with changes so your drivers can test runs prior to the change date.
  • Daily weather reporting and evaluation to support and ensure the safety of all riders.
  • Support and guidance on training and collision avoidance.
  • Assistance with collection and distribution of all vehicle information including the year, make and model.
  • Performance analytics to identify growth opportunities.

Become a Vendor

Interested in partnering with CST and our network of schools? Fill out the following form and a team member will be in contact with you right away. Let’s drive stability together.