Supporting schools with efficient transportation resources.


Partnering with CST and our network of vendors

Whether you’re a small charter school looking to diversify enrollment, a large district with limited driver availability or a school organization working to improve accessibility for homeless youth, our collaborative approach to transportation leverages our network of vendors to ensure the safe and effective transportation of your students.

Becoming an extension of your team

We are dedicated to learning the intricacies and daily needs of your transportation program so that we can be the most positive extension possible. We understand the varying challenges and complexities that each school and organization face and provide services tailored to those specific needs.


Our Services

Routing and Planning

  • Daily route change procedures to manage new transportation requests.
  • Routing requests are processed within 2-3 school days depending on the request.
  • Assure maximum efficiencies for routes as students are requested by your school or organization.

Safety and Compliance

  • All vendors are evaluated annually through an on-site visit and inspection of all data, vehicles and personnel.
  • Ensure all vendors are compliant with state and federal regulations.
  • Insurance Verification with all selected vendors. (certificates of insurance will be provided to each school for all selected vendors)
  • GPS / Camera verification with all selected vendors.
  • No ride reporting to ensure routes are up to date and avoid unnecessary stops and wait times.
  • Daily correspondence with vendors is conducted to ensure that they are compliant with CST policies and expectations.
  • Assurance that routes are being test run prior schedule change to ensure they are run smoothly without issues once the route becomes live.
  • Daily weather reporting and evaluation to support all vendors and ensure the safety of all riders.
  • Collection and distribution of all vehicle information including the year, make and model.
  • Collection and distribution of all vendor employee information as needed.
  • Performance analytics for each vendor to identify growth opportunities.

Customer Service

  • Customer Service Professionals available to support school officials and families as needed.
  • Web-based phone system to quickly manage calls from anywhere.
  • Mass messaging capability to notify families of new bus information, time changes and emergency communication within seconds.
  • Student data management and reporting for accurate records.
  • Management of all student conduct reports and accident reports.
  • Vendor GPS monitoring to know the coordinates of each route each day.

Vendor Management

  • Route monitoring and evaluation to ensure routes run on time each day.
  • Selection, continued evaluation, negotiation, and assignment of appropriate vendors for transportation services.
  • Network and recruiting to continue to provide transportation resources from all regions.


  • Daily billing audits and evaluation to ensure monthly billing is accurate and on time.
  • Detailed invoice report for school administration featuring individual student mileage, pricing and finance code.
  • Complete monthly billing summaries for annual reporting.
  • Daily correspondence as needed to support school and vendor administration.
  • Year end finance report and state reporting.

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