We are stronger together.

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Our mission

Bridge the gap in transportation accessibility for communities with limited resources


How we do it

Driving stability one route at a time

We provide educational stability for students while achieving cost saving opportunities for public, charter and private schools through collaborative transportation services.


We look at the transportation industry with a global lens as we partner with schools and vendors to provide transportation resources that could not be achieved alone. 

Meet our Directors

Driving stability together

From transportation directors and bus drivers to social workers and mechanical engineers, our team of professionals come from very diverse career backgrounds. We came together to work towards bridging the gap of transportation accessibility for communities with limited resources. 

Develops enriched partnerships with both school districts and vendors to create new collaborative opportunities within the CST network. Oversee all functions of the organization operations to ensure our mission is pursued each day.

Creates a captive customer experience for all schools, their staff and community through responsive and detailed communication efforts. Leads daily case studies to ensure that our team is performing at a high level for our partners so that they receive reliable service and accurate information.

Provides unity within the CST vendor network through constant detailed oversight of each organization's safety program and compliance regulations. Partners with each vendor to ensure every student served
experiences safe and dependable transportation throughout the school year.

Develops and executes efficient and effective routes strategies throughout the school year with a global logistic lens of our network. Oversees routing logistic operations to ensure responsive turnaround times for new transportation requests.

Studies and evaluates all financial analytics to ensure accuracy and invoice integrity. Works with the partner and vendor network to support monthly and yearly reviews with detailed reporting. 

Research and implement the latest technological growth opportunities to provide advanced service to our partners and vendors. Work with partners to ensure that CST technology is properly integrated into their daily operations to ensure transparency and effectiveness. Support all daily technology operations for the CST team, our partners and vendors.